Game Needs A Wave Start Button: Start Wave Now

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Game Needs A Wave Start Button: Start Wave Now

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English: Please consider adding a clickable button for starting the current wave.

In the beginning, we build our characters through research and the game speed (day/night cycle - Zombie Wave) is good. But, later on, the game speed is too slow. After Wave#4 I am stuck waiting for hours to pass in real life. No one will keep the game running for hours just to activate the new Wave. Here are some reasons why people cannot wait...

1. The game uses lots of video and CPU memory. The computer will remain warm to hot for hours.
2. Running a computer for hours just to complete a day cycle is a waste of electricity.
3. Real life is demanding. I go to work, leave the game running to move the wave cycle, and come home to a dead player.
4. Later on in the game, we can use machines to harvest materials. After fifteen minutes, I am done collecting, repairing, and cannot be more ready for the next wave to begin. Now...I still wait for hours doing nothing but watching a movies or chores.


You are losing customers on this small me.

The game is probably the best in its class but no one will play it after the third wave...three waves and people quit. :guillotine: