sleeping bag

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sleeping bag

Post by Wildehilde »

Trying to make a sleeping bag as instructed basically in the beginning of game
I can work out the workstation etc etc but am unable to make the
sleeping bag because I need two pieces of rubber. I only have 1.
It says I can get the rubber through synthetic material.
Where is this 'synthetic material' and how do I make rubber
from it?
None of the workstations tells me where to make synthetic or
any material actually.
Love the game but am stuck on this stupid sleeping bag!
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Re: sleeping bag

Post by SolutOdka »

Hello :),

You can get the rubber or the rubber material from scavenging cars. You can then convert the rubber material into rubber at the workstation.


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Re: sleeping bag

Post by ROMANDAV »

I agree.

Rubber is a common drop item from salvaged vehicles. This is why you might see a lot of salvaged cars at the spawn point of the, move to another road and strip down the cars/trucks.