How long is nighttime?

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How long is nighttime?

Post by Wildehilde »

How long is night time, is there a way to shorten it, like sleep or something? It seems to me like at night time I
may as well go and do my housework, prepare dinner etc etc and come back, oh, still total darkness - well
water the garden, make a coffee, oh it seems to be getting a bit lighter -?

Maybe get involved in another game go play whilst my Night of the dead is truly dead :boink:
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Re: How long is nighttime?

Post by SolutOdka »


It might appear like so, but you will rapidly have plenty of things to do. repair the damages of the horde, reload your traps, take care of your animal traps and productions, etc ...

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Re: How long is nighttime?

Post by ROMANDAV »

You should move the question to another part of the forum.

In the past, I talked about having control over the horde wave cycle (not so much as day or night, but the same idea). Many players want to control the cycle of the horde wave early on, before machinery, and later on, after machinery.

With machinery, you can harvest materials after each wave (as the machine timer permits). So, why not let us click a button in the game that says 'READY'...this would spawn the next zombie wave.